Robert De Niro And Jay-Z Are Beefing. Who Ya Got?

  • Dan Fogarty

By now you’ve heard that Robert De Niro and Jay-Z had a tense and awkward confrontation at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party the other night. The Oscar winner gave the Grammy winner a “dressing-down” in a roomful of celebs and not even Beyonce could calm him down. (Jay reportedly tried to joke his way out of it, but De Niro wasn’t having it.) The reason for the tiff? Jay-Z wouldn’t return Bobby’s calls about a proposed song for the Tribeca Film Festival.

The De Niro/Jigga beef is a dream scenario for pretty much everyone with a passing interest in public spats, and it got us thinking: who would win the hypothetical pop culture megafight? As you’ll see in our tale of the tape, Jay has the advantage in key areas like youth and net worth, while De Niro has gravitas and his… Robert De Niro-ness.

So: who ya got? Tell us in the comments.

Tale of the tape graphic by Sean Panzera.