Did One Dallas Maverick Celebrate His Championship By Knocking Up A Former Miss Universe?

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

J.J. Barea’s girlfriend (and former Miss Universe) Zuleyka Rivera is reportedly seven weeks pregnant. If our calculations are correct*, that would put the date of conception somewhere around the time the Dallas Mavericks clinched their first-ever NBA Championship.

Which means that while teammate and Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki was busy taking over the Miami club scene and swigging $80,000 champagne, Barea was hosting his own private party elsewhere.

According to a report from Puerto Rican online newspaper PrimeraHora, which was translated from Spanish by The Dallas Morning News, her pregancy will force the model/actress Rivera to leave production of an acting project entitled “Passionate Heart.”

Her statement to the media was as follows:

“All this took me by surprise, but I feel very lucky. I come from a very close family and I understand that a baby is a blessing. I’m sorry I had to leave this soap opera, it was another opportunity for my growth as an actress and achieve my professional goals. However, both JJ and I are happy to start a family together and I know God will reward us with a healthy baby and many more opportunities for both.”

The Mavericks guard also released a statement in which he thanked everyone for their support, and asked that he and Zuleyka be allowed to enjoy “this event” in private and among family.

Yep, it’s official: J.J. Barea is having the best summer ever. Not even Tony Parker in a jet-pack can top this.

*They’re not, at least not quite – seven weeks would be 49 days, whereas the Mavericks clinched the title on June 12, and 39 days have elapsed since then. Still…come on, that’s reasonably close, just bear with us.