Diego Maradona Will Go, But Not Without Saying Crazy Things First

  • Dan Fogarty

After being fired as head coach of his national team, Diego Maradona lashed out at Argentina soccer officials yesterday for what he called “betrayal” and “treason.” If you thought the Ron Artest of the 2010 World Cup was going to quietly leave his job, then clearly you haven’t seen him hump his players.

“[Argentine football chief Julio] Grondona lied to me. [Team manager Carlos] Bilardo betrayed me,” said an teary-eyed Maradona.

The “lies” and “betrayal” that Maradona is referring to are alleged promises that Grondona and Bilardo made regarding Maradona’s job security following Argentina’s 4-0 quarterfinal loss to Germany.

“Grondona, in the dressing room after we had been knocked out of the World Cup in South Africa, told me in front of witnesses and the players that he was very happy with my work and that he wanted me to carry on,” said Maradona.

But, apparently, things changed slightly once they returned to Argentine soil. Maradona was told he could stay, but that several of his assistants would have to be fired. Maradona, who famously said, “If they touch a hair of one of my guys, even the masseur or the kitman, I’m going,” did just that.

Now Argentina, who all things considered had a pretty good showing at the South African World Cup, is without a coach. And we, the casual soccer fan, are without a coach who used to do tons of blow and provided us with heartwarming moments like this.

[Emotional Maradona lashes out at ‘treason’, ‘lies’] AFP