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Source: Donald Trump Lands Helicopter On Golf Course, Angers Golfers

  • Dan Fogarty

Donald Trump angered golfers at his Trump National golf course in New York when he decided to land his helicopter on the 18th hole late last week, forcing players to shoot around his chopper.

From a trusted friend of SportsGrid:

Golfers grumbling at the Trump National (golf course) in Hopewell Junction, Ny after Trump interrupted play trying to land his helicopter. He first landed his chopper on the driving range but when that appeared to be too long a walk for he, his wife and their child to get lunch at the clubhouse, they then took off again and relanded just to the left of the 18th hole at which point golfers who pay good money there had to hit their balls on the final hole around his helicopter. Lets just say that a few players were pretty peeved about it.

When we called Trump’s office, we were directed to the Trump National. According to representatives at the course, they only heard about Trump landing his helicopter on the driving range, and, according to them, there was no issue. Representatives at the course saying there’s no issue is no surprise, since, well, Trump owns it.

If Trump really did land on the 18th hole of the golf course he owns (in the helicopter he owns), despite being the greatest thing we’ve ever heard, it can’t be the smartest of business moves for the Donald. As you can probably guess if you’ve ever seen an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” golfers take their golf seriously. A great way to piss them off? Land a loud, windy flying vessel on the final hole.