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Dwayne Wade Wants To Know If That’s Fuchsia, Lisa Salters. That’s Nice.

  • Eric Goldschein

After the Heat and Knicks clashed at the Garden this afternoon, an interview with Dwayne Wade was in order. Lisa Salters tracked him down to ask him about his stellar performance — but it was how the interview ended that provided great enlightenment into the workings of Wade’s brain.

Here are the last few seconds of the Salters-Wade exchange:

You can’t fool us, Dwayne. We know you know that’s fuchsia. And you totally love it. Even after dropping 28 points on an effective 10-18 shooting, Wade was thinking “That’s a nice color. I might have to find a sweater, or a Swatch, in that shade.”

Wade’s a man of great style (while LeBron James makes some questionable choices), so congratulations to Lisa Salters for rocking a shirt so awesome, an NBA All-Star took the time to give it a shout-out.

Oh yeah: the Heat defeated the Knicks in a possible playoff preview with a gritty, gutsy effort. But who cares? Fuchsia.