Wondering What Dwight Howard Was Doing During That L.A. Earthquake? Well, The Answer Is “Pooping.”

  • Glenn Davis

Newly-minted Laker Dwight Howard finds himself in an enviable situation – championship-contending team, the chance to become the toast of Los Angeles if he does lead the Lakers to a title – but it doesn’t mean the transition to L.A. life will be entirely smooth. Howard’s from Atlanta and played his entire career through last season with the Magic, so he’s pretty much always been in the Southeast. You know what the Southeast doesn’t get many of that southern California gets all the time? Earthquakes.

And Howard was in the middle of one (albeit not a major one) just two days ago. He was pretty clearly taken aback by this experience, which we chalked up to it being his first earthquake. But apparently, there was a little more to it than that. TMZ caught up with Howard, post-earthquake, to get a little more on his experience… and getting hit by an earthquake while engaging in the activity Howard was at the time might well leave anyone shaken:

Amazingly enough, this is not SportsGrid’s first-ever earthquake pooping story. Maybe that shouldn’t be a surprise – you figure every earthquake that strikes, this scenario has to happen to someone. And we do not envy those people one bit. And as tempting as it might be to chalk Howard’s affability here up to playing nice for the camera, we still find ourselves a little amazed at just how willing Howard was to tell a guy from TMZ walking up to him that he was pooping during the earthquake. It’s that kind of honesty that could win Howard some fans back – who needs a title when you’re willing to share embarrassing personal stories with anyone who’ll listen?

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