Eastbound & Down’s Season 3 Trailer: All That Kenny Powers, With Added Jason Sudeikis

  • Glenn Davis

The trailer for Eastbound & Down’s third – and final? – season, which premieres February 19, is out, and from the looks of it, it’s more of the Kenny Powers & Co. that you know and love. Inappropriate jokes about child molesters, inappropriate remarks to black people about skin tones, Confederate-flag-themed products, small-time baseball…oh, and this time around, Jason Sudeikis:

Sudeikis is everywhere these days, isn’t he? Still on SNL, burgeoning movie career, an Always Sunny cameo here and there…and now this. Even with that prominent new face, though, it doesn’t look like this show is changing too much…and that’s probably for the best. If this is it, Kenny Powers is going out like he came in – rocking his nuts off all the while.

[The A.V. Club]