Knicks Superfan “Edgar Allan Poe” Gives His Take On Linsanity

  • Glenn Davis

The Knicks are back in the spotlight – thanks to a former benchwarming point guard you probably haven’t heard anything about. And you know what Jeremy Lin mania (hmm, “Lin-mania” – if only there were a word describing a chaotic state of affairs that also rhymed with Lin’s name, enabling one to create a pun representing the torrent of reaction to Lin’s unexpectedly terrific play, that would be a lot catchier) means: a guy dressed as Edgar Allan Poe (a.k.a. comedian Alexis Pereira) is going to make a video where he recites a poem weighing in on it. He did it for Carmelo, he did it for the lockout, and now, he’s done it for Lin too:

Good stuff, Edgar/Alexis. Of course, while the Knicks managed another win last night, 100-98 over the Timberwolves, Minnesota managed to slow Lin down. Sure, he finished with 20 points, eight assists, six rebounds, and three steals, but those numbers only tell part of the story. To get those 20 points, Lin needed to take 24 shots (he made just eight), he had six turnovers, and there were a few more ill-advised passes that could have resulted in turnovers but didn’t.

In fact, last night it was something of a wonder the Knicks won at all. They trailed by double digits a few different times. The most dominant force on the floor was the Minnesota frontcourt duo of Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic (53 points and 34 rebounds between them). And while Lin had an excellent first half, he was so off for most of the second that the Knicks came back in spite of him (and thanks to efforts from players like Steve Novak and Iman Shumpert off the bench), rather than because of him.

No, Lin didn’t play at nearly the level ha had on Friday against the Lakers, but last night’s game finally made one much-bandied-about comparison reality. Because there the Knicks were in the end, coming away with the victory. And there was Lin, after struggling for so much of the game, hitting a free throw in the final seconds that wound up putting his team ahead for good. Last night, finally, Jeremy Lin was Tim Tebow.

Thanks to reader Michael for the tip.