Enormous Female Pro Wrestler Completely Dominates Flirty News Anchor

  • Glenn Davis

Female pro wrestler “Isis the Amazon” is very, very big – 6-9, 245 pounds, according to her. So when she appeared on a local news show on Cleveland’s Fox affiliate, it was inevitable that this tremendous size would be a topic of discussion. Sure enough, anchor Wayne Dawson seemed more than a bit awed by Isis – and that was before getting a taste of what she might do to him in the ring.

Dawson was very complimentary of Isis, saying things like “You’re beautiful. I am very afraid of you, though,” and “You are the biggest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” (And this didn’t seem like an act – Dawson sounded genuinely flustered at the start of the interview.)

They got to talking about more down-to-earth things like Isis’ childhood, her desire to be a positive role model for exceptionally tall girls who might feel like outsiders because of their height, and promoting an upcoming event in which she was participating. And then, Dawson gushed about how “shapely” Isis is, and challenged her to pick him up. You can guess how that went (during the last minute of the video):

Thoroughly unsurprising, but still impressive. No word, however, on whether Dawson requested Isis subject him to death by snu-snu.