Erin Andrews Spent New Year’s Eve With L.A. Kings Center Jarret Stoll, So Go Ahead And Go Crazy With That

  • Dan Fogarty

Here’s a little bit of internet gossip for you on this lovely Wednesday afternoon: Erin Andrews, former ESPN reporter/object of obsession for sports-watching Americans everywhere/current FOX football broadcaster, was seen on New Year’s Eve canoodling (worst word ever?) with granite-jawed L.A. Kings center Jarrett Stoll. The extent of their canoodledom is unclear; neither have commented on the relationship publicly. A few Instagram photos and a coy Twitter reply are what we’re dealing with here.

First, the photos, which weren’t emailed to us by an eagle-eyed tipster, but instead appeared for public consumption on Andrews’ Instagram. (Side note: If you want to see some real bottom of the barrel loserdom, peep the comments on her feed. The first step to being a better man: Don’t leave weird comments on Erin Andrews’ Twitter feed.)

So let’s go ahead and read way too much into this. This right here, you see, this is a classic pose for a pretty comfortable, but not-yet-that-comfortable couple.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were also there. So the intersection of sports, sports media, sports media swimsuit editions, and work-appropriate R&B occurred right here on Jan. 1, 2013.

A patron of the Las Vegas club where the photo was taken tweeted at Andrews about her “boyfriend,” and a reply that can either be interpreted as a notable non-denial or playfully vague allusion to a friend was sent out by the sideline reporter.

So you’re saying there’s a chance. Busted Coverage has more photos, if you’re so inclined.