Erin Andrews Tries On Oscar Outfits In GMA Segment

  • Glenn Davis

Erin Andrews no longer exclusively covers sports for ESPN and ABC, and as part of her expanded role, she’s serving as an Oscars correspondent for Good Morning America. Today, despite being “out of [her] element,” she went through the process of putting together a red carpet outfit. For reasons you will see, we get the feeling some GMA viewers may have especially enjoyed this segment.

Andrews started by trying to find a dress. This is the part some viewers may take a special interest in, due in particular to one dress Andrews will not be wearing on the red carpet. (OK, yes, it’s that one you see to the left.) With that done, she hit all the standard outfit components – handbag, earrings, shoes, etc. – then took a look at the gift packages the celebrities receive. Good Lord, is this show the picture of opulence. Video below (h/t to Jimmy Traina).