Erin Andrews Sues Creepy Man Who Filmed Her Naked, Hotels Included In Civil Suit

  • Dan Fogarty

Erin Andrews has filed a lawsuit against seven hotels for negligence and invasion of privacy. She has also sued the man who admitted to secretly filming her naked for “severe and permanent emotional distress.”

Andrews has alleged that the hotels gave out her room number to the man, Michael David Barrett, after he requested it.

The lawsuit has been filed in Cook County, Illinois, and in total seeks $1.2 million from Barrett and the Hotels. Barrett plead guilty last December to following Andrews around the country, staying in rooms next to her and altering peepholes in order to shoot the videos. He was accused of trying to sell the videos to TMZ after he posted them online, and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

The striking thing about the civil suit is the fact that these seven hotels gave out Andrews’ room number to a strange middle-aged man with a triple name. I realize he probably requested the room numbers over the phone, and it’s not like he was asking for them at the front desk with his recording equipment in tow, but still, what a poor lack of judgment if this is true. “Erin Andrews? Oh, you mean the semi-famous hot blonde reporter? She’s right down the hall in room 312!”

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