ESPN's First Take Replaces Stephen A. Smith With Herm Edwards, Who Crushes With Tower Of Terror-Manziel Metaphor

  • Jake O'Donnell

stephen a smith first takeAfter being suspended for a week — precisely five appearances longer than Ray Rice will be suspended by the NFL — ESPN’s flagship news manufacturer began its Wednesday without the controversial, verbose, derisive host, who basically let Rice off the hook last week for insinuating that his fiancé provoked violence.

Smith’s replacement on the other hand, Herm Edwards, is about as wholesome as it gets. How did he do in his spur-of-the-moment fill-in for his fellow blowhard?

Judging by this clip, he was excellent. Ten points for the Disney World reference to explain the Johnny Manziel situation. Someone get this guy a sticker.

The irony — or maybe it was intended by the producers — is that Edwards has two daughters, which he promptly brought into the discussion. One could assume that, if Stephen A. had more female children, he might have been less inclined to put any blame on the women involved in abuse situations (he does have a daughter and four sisters, however). Moreover, it’s worth noting that Edwards was making a point about getting what you deserve — which was what Smith was going for when he heaped responsibility on the victims of domestic violence.

Unfortunately, it sounded like he was chastising women for getting beaten up by professional athletes. Now he’s half-way out the door at the network.