YOU DECIDE: ESPN’s Insane New Death Star Studio Vs. Fox Sports Live’s Hilarious Man Cave

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s no secret that ESPN and Fox Sports are in engaged in a ratings war. Both feature 24-hour sports news coverage, with similar recap, analysis, and storytelling programming tropes — distinguished by their respective degree of sophistication. Fox Sports 1 goes with the midtown Manhattan skyscraper-man cave vibe, dressed in their signature vibrant colors, while ESPN sticks with the newsroom aesthetic, opting for the more serious, Cloud City carbon-freezing chamber look.

Both cool in their own right.

Now ESPN has gone and jumped the Megaladon with this enormous, glass, single room, versatile studio. The timing couldn’t be better, because Fox Sports Live is already more fun to watch, and Sportscenter doesn’t really have the option of lightening it’s tone (it’d be weird if, all the sudden, they starting goofing off more.) Instead, they’ve opted to look more legitimate, by investing in an interesting, innovative, state-of-the-art television set.

Which do you prefer? Funny and laid back, or cool looking and more serious? (For contrast, here’s a tour of the Fox Sports studio, as done by host Jay Onrait, who is Ron Burgundy.)

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