Watch ESPN’s Bob Ley Read The Lyrics To Jay-Z’s “Blow The Whistle,” On Air

  • Dan Fogarty

In a somewhat surreal moment on ESPN’s Outside the Lines today, uber-respected journalist and overall serious man Bob Ley read the lyrics to a 2008 Jay-Z diss song on the air, impeccable broadcasting voice and all.

And yes, it was great.

Ley was discussing comments that the Mavericks’ DeShawn Stevenson, then a member of the Wizards, made about LeBron James in 2008. Stevenson said LeBron was “overrated,” which irked LeBron’s famous friend, Jay-Z.┬áNaturally, Jay made a diss song about Stevenson that included lyrics like:

Who’s overrated?! If anything they underpaid him
Hatin that’s only ‘gon make him spend the night
Out of spite with the chick you’ve been datin

Someone at ESPN thought this was in Ley’s wheelhouse, apparently, because he literally read the entire first verse on the air. I’m not even sure this actually happened, because it’s really hot in New York right now, and this may have been a mirage.