ESPN’s First Take May Have Sent Out The Worst Tweet Of All Time

  • Dylan Murphy

ESPN’s ratings-driven Tebow obsession is revolting on a number of fronts – namely that Tim Tebow isn’t even a starting NFL quarterback, but it’s more than that. The palpable move away from any semblance of journalism, perpetuated mostly by Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on First Take (which has also bled into SportsCenter, among other ESPN shows) is the most disturbing, considering ESPN’s controlling hand in the major sports stories of the day.

Even this morning, in spite of all the recent backlash towards the program and the general direction of ESPN as a whole, Smith and Bayless were prattling on about Tebow. And so was the First Take Twitter account, which mashed two horrible things into one even more horrible shit sandwich.

/head asplode

To make matters worse, it has been retweeted almost 5,000 times (as of this writing). Whatever this says about America, it frightens us.