ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Broke Her Ankle In The Most Michelle Beadle Way Possible

  • Dan Fogarty

You may have noticed that Michelle Beadle, co-host of ESPN’s SportsNation, has been conspicuously absent from television for the last week or so. According to her Twitter feed, she had surgery to repair “2 bones in 3 spots” in her ankle on February 10th, and since that time has been recuperating at home.

And while Beadle was extremely forthcoming with details about her surgery (going so far as tweeting her X-Rays), and what she’s been doing during her recovery (watching lots of bad movies), we never really found out how one of ESPN’s most recognizable personalities wound up in the hospital 8 days ago.

Well, now we know. Here’s what Beadle told us via email:

Oh…very sexy story. Had snow boots on and was brave enough to attempt eating a cookie while walking toward my car after the show on Tuesday. I apparently hit a little icy patch and snapped the bones.

Yep, ESPN2’s 4pm-5pm block was almost done in by a cookie and an ice patch.

According to Beadle, the cookie incident has successfully ruined her weekend plans. After seeing her doctor yesterday (and getting, in her words, a “smeksi” black cast), she was told to take it easy and not to fly. Unfortunately, she was scheduled to go to LA today for NBA All-Star Weekend and 3 shows. So that’s not happening.

But all is not lost. According to Beadle, she’ll be back, limpy and all, for Saturday’s edition of Winner’s Bracket, and will resume her regular schedule Monday.