ESPYs 2010: Mark Wahlberg Gets Creepy, Tracy Morgan Auditions As Nelson Mandela

  • Dan Fogarty

So the ESPY awards were last night, and for a show that no one cared about, plenty of people were tweeting about Mark Wahlberg, Tracy Morgan, and Michelle Beadle.

True, it’s is elaborately planned and lacks the danger of a young Norm MacDonald, but…it’s the ESPYs. Most athletes don’t lend themselves well to comedic timing, so much of the show – the presentations, the speeches – lack polish and the danger factor that comes when a tipsy young actress wobbles to the stage to make a speech.

Even so, the 2010 ESPY awards still had it’s share of moments: Brooklyn Decker and Michelle Beadle have a bunch of new fans, Seth Meyers did a serviceable job as host, and we got to see close up shots of athletes laughing uncomfortably.

But the best three moments belonged to Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, and Tracy Morgan. Ferrell came out as “Jeff Vuvuzela,” the inventor of… the vuvuzela, and got to keep his streak of funny ESPY appearances going. Morgan, for his part, unveiled his long lost audition tapes for Invictus and implored the South African rugby team to “eat his mind” so they know what he knows.

And then there’s Wahlberg, who came out as a presenter with Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui. He went off the prompter according to Bill Simmons and made some references to “freaky stuff” done by Chriqui’s character on the show. She seemed a bit embarrassed and the crowd was left wondering how to react.

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Jeff Vuvuzela, and Wahlberg’s Moment (The awkwardness starts at the 5:20 mark)

Tracy Morgan as Nelson Mandela (begins at 3:35 mark)

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