Fan Being Kicked In Face Leads To Fantastic Batman Reference

  • Dan Fogarty

TNT’s Kevin Harlan called a gem during Tuesday night’s Lakers-Jazz game. No, it wasn’t because of his on-point basketball observations or delightful banter with fellow commentator Reggie Miller (although we’re sure Harlan’s effort was full of that stuff). No, we enjoyed Harlan’s Tuesday night performance for other reasons.

We already highlighted his fantastic call on this play, in which the artist formerly known as Ron Artest skyed in for a monster dunk and Harlan punctuated it by shouting Artest’s new government name (“Metta… World… PEACE!”). As if that wasn’t enough, he then made a remarkably astute Batman reference after one poor fan got kicked in the face by an out-of-bounds Devin Harris.

Well done, Kevin Harlan. Well done.