Brave, Awkward Man Professes Love For Sideline Reporter In Front Of Everybody

  • Dan Fogarty

Bless your heart, Greg from Lemont. After participating in the “Shoot the Puck” contest during last night’s Blackhawks game, and losing, you were interviewed by pretty and beautiful CSN sideline reporter Sarah Kustok. And, wouldn’t you know it, but a few self-deprecating jokes and a shout-out to your sister later, you worked up the courage to tell Sarah Kustok how pretty and beautiful she was. And then you told her you loved her.

You will never live this down. You will be ribbed by your friends, family, and the faceless masses of the internet for the next four months, if not longer. It might even be tough for you to get a date in the Chicago area for awhile because of, you know… the creepiness.

But I’ll be damned if you didn’t leave it all out on the ice.

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