Fans Of The Speed Channel Are Pretty Upset About The Arrival Of Fox Sports 1

  • Eric Goldschein

speed channelAfter reporting that the Speed channel was killed off in order to make room for ESPN-challenger Fox Sports 1, we got an unexpected amount of feedback from our readers — or, perhaps, Speed aficionados who learned from us that Speed was done and had something to say about it. The article has literally hundreds of comments that more or less say the same thing: “We want Speed, we don’t want Fox Sports 1.” This is a heretofore unheard sentiment that caught us by surprise.

We also received many emails that seemed to put the blame for Speed’s demise on us. Why? Not sure. If you’re not a Speed fan, you’re probably wondering how mad someone could possibly be that a channel dedicated to motor sports is now a more general-interest sports network that includes NASCAR. We’d like to share just a few of the emails sent to us regarding this change, some of which seem to be raging at the universe, others upset with us directly (for some misinformed reason).

Update: Now with even more emails.


Please note, readers and Speed fans: We don’t have anything to do with Fox Sports 1, Speed Channel, Fox Sports Media Group, 21st Century Fox or the programming decisions these entities make. Please direct your displeasure here.