Floyd Mayweather’s Pussyfooting Is Making Brothers Look Bad, Says Michael Irvin

  • Dan Fogarty

Despite it being the most appetizing prospective matchup currently out there, and despite the fact that it would almost certainly break every relevant money record in boxing history, most people think it’s unlikely that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will ever fight each other.

This makes boxing fans angry, because, come on, the sport needs this. NFL Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin is a boxing fan. Like many boxing fans, he wants to see this thing happen. And (like many boxing fans), he seems to subscribe to the theory that the fight is being held up due to Mayweather, and his reluctance to risk blemishing his perfect 41-0 record.

The running, in fact, is “making brothers look bad.”

Right now, it would seem that the major obstacle for this fight taking place is out of the way. According to Bob Arum, who represents Pacquiao, Manny is willing to comply with Mayweather’s Olympic style blood-testing demands.

Well, the one major obstacle besides the other major obstacle: that pesky defamation suit that Pacquiao filed against Mayweather and his father.