Fox & Friends Is Horrified That The U.S. Olympic Team Might Look Like Frenchmen

  • Glenn Davis

Poking fun at the U.S. Olympic team’s Ralph-Lauren-designed Opening Ceremony uniforms: not beyond the pale. Hell, we did it here yesterday. The uniforms, despite having some nice touches, are the preppiest things ever. But poking fun just wasn’t enough for you, was it, conservative gabfest Fox & Friends? No, you took it up a level and, in the process of making fun of the beret part of the uniform (again, we did this too, a little bit), you just had to carry on about how damn French that beret is:

Of course, the hole poked in the beret-mocking here is that in addition to being traditional French garb, it’s also a rather prominent part of U.S. Army apparel (to say nothing of the, you know, Green Berets). Apparently this was quickly pointed out to team F&F, at which point the “ewwwwww girly Euros” knee-jerk reaction was forced to quickly become a “ROCK FLAG AND EAGLE” knee-jerk reaction:

Really, if you’re going to make fun of anything about the berets, you might make fun of how they conflate sports and the military when, after all, sports are games, and service members put lives on the line. However, since these uniforms are actually for the U.S.A. and therefore represent something bigger, it’s more understandable here. Oh, and not for nothing, but the also-News-Corp-owned New York Post seemed pretty fixated on the beret thing, too.

And one more thing: France, maybe you got a raw deal in that segment, but YOU ARE STILL GOING DOWN.

[h/t Mike Freeman]

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