Fox News Anchor To Little League Sensation Mo'ne Davis: Why Don't You Play A More 'Female-Friendly' Sport?

  • Eric Goldschein

God damn, Fox News anchor Eric Bolling. We were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt the other day when you compared the Kevin Ward Jr. situation to a dude getting run over by a taxi cab in Manhattan, but this is just stupid.

Mo’ne Davis is the incredible 13-year-old pitcher (and, yes, a girl) who helped her team, the Taney Dragons of Philadelphia, win the Little League Mid-Atlantic title with a three-hit shutout on Sunday. The Dragons move on to the Little League World Series this weekend, and Davis has become a sensation because she is, yes, a girl — a girl who throws 70 miles an hour and posted a 2.84 ERA in three appearances in the Mid-Atlantic regional.

Part of being a sensation is making the rounds on the news circuit, and Davis appeared on “Fox & Friends” today, poor thing. Bolling and his co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Davis, and Bolling almost got out of it without screwing up until he finished with this (via Media Matters):

“What about, ya know, a typically, I don’t know, more female-friendly sport like soccer, no?”

Translation: “Mo’ne, you’re clearly very good at this. You had 17 strikeouts against 14 baserunners in 12 and 2/3 innings recently. It’s really the boys who should be afraid of you. But I’m not used to seeing women do this, so why don’t you try something different?”

The 13-year-old handles it well, and goes on to say she does, in fact, play soccer. She also, according to this Grantland post, wants to play basketball for Connecticut and in the WNBA some day. She just happens to be wrecking Little League at the moment.

Davis is only the 17th or 18th girl (Emma March of South Vancouver Little League also qualified this year) to ever play in the LLWS, so maybe a more appropriate question for her would have been “Have you thought about taking it easy on these guys, seeing as how you’re on another level? And how does it feel to break down barriers and stereotypes about what women can do in sports?” Just a couple of followups to consider in case she ever decides to come back to Fox, which I highly recommend not doing.