Fox Sports 1 Canceling 'Crowd Goes Wild' Means You Won't See Any More Photos Like This

  • Rick Chandler

“Crowd Goes Wild”, the wacky idea for a sports show that just might work, didn’t. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated reported today that Fox Sports 1 has canceled the show, throwing an 82-year-old Regis Philbin out into the cold, unforgiving unemployment line. I’ll have to admit that I could have watched the show more often, or once even. But I was busy, and now it’s too late.

What we’re hearing is that Fox Sports will replace the hour with marching band music and short films on field turf maintenance, unless I’m reading this release incorrectly. Ah yes, it seems that I am. Awful Announcing:

To replace the show, which will air a finale on May 8th, on their schedule, Fox Sports 1 is expanding their Mike Francesa simulcast to 5 PM, pushing NASCAR Race Hub back to a 5 PM start time, and will continue to air America’s Pregame at 6 PM.

And that’s what America needs, right? More Mike Francesa? (Rock crashes through window, angry mob gathers).

So sadly, we’re not likely to see Regis and Manny Pacquiao in the same room again, and certainly Miss USA won’t be there. Apparently that was the appeal of “Crowd Goes Wild” — Regis doing Regis things, with a pleasant supporting cast. (Regis took February off, which I guess didn’t help). But not enough people were tuning in. For me, Regis is funny when being poked by Letterman, not not often at other times. I can only watch him in small doses, and this was not that.

I am surprised to learn, however, that he’s 82. Wow. Not only is that one year older than Donald Sterling, but it’s nearly 20 years past retirement age. We know that Georgie Thompson and Katie Nolan must be wonderful company, but take some time off and visit a formerly British-occupied tropical island, why don’t you?

Wikipedia: Hosted by Regis Philbin and originating from New York City, this show features View-like discussions on major stories from the worlds of sports and entertainment, including discussions with panelists including Georgie Thompson, Michael Kosta, Trevor Pryce, Katie Nolan, and Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay, as well as interaction with the live audience and viewers through social media.

So will Fox Sports try original programming again in that slot? Not for the time being, it seems. Just again proves that what ESPN does is with original programming is a it harder than it looks.