Analyst Fran Fraschilla Made Fun Of Jason Kidd’s DWI Arrest, And It Was A Little Uncomfortable

  • Glenn Davis

Fran Fraschilla will do pretty much anything to make a point. This is the guy who, when he was coaching St. John’s, reportedly once pulled down his pants while addressing his team, either to show them just what they lacked or to tell them to kiss his ass if they continued to give shoddy effort, depending on who’s describing it. So we guess it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that, when talk turned to the Knicks’ point guard situation during a telecast of USA Basketball’s tuneup win over Great Britain yesterday, Fraschilla addressed the Jason Kidd situationcandidly, let’s say.

Probably the right move by Fraschilla’s broadcast partners to move right on and pretend he never said it, though again, the remark underscores how lucky Kidd is that anyone is in a position to joke about what he did. Even though it seems Kidd will be okay, however – uh, too soon, Fran, maybe?

Video by CJ Fogler, photo via