New York’s Ridiculous Decision To Run Their Marathon Leads To Splendid Mike Francesa Freakout

  • Dan Fogarty

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the right call when he decided to cancel last night’s Knicks-Nets opener at the Barclays Center. Sure, the visual of Brooklyn’s new team opening their new arena on newly-renovated Atlantic Avenue would’ve been a nice one — nothing stops New Yorkers! Not even this bitch of a Hurricane! — but I don’t have to tell you that making police work a basketball game while bodies are still being found in Staten Island would’ve been a misuse of resources. Canceling the Nets game was the right move. Jay-Z would just have to wait.

Which made it very confusing when Bloomberg decided that the city would go right ahead with the world’s biggest marathon, something that gobbles up way more resources than one night at Barclays would. Again: parts of Staten Island are like a war zone. And that’s where the marathon starts. Parts of New Jersey don’t have water. And there will be half-used cups of water thrown on the street. Hundreds of police and sanitation workers will be used for this race. While they still have shit to police and places to clean up. Even people who have trained year’s for the marathon are saying, literally, screw the marathon.

Enter Mike Francesa, Voice of New York. The iconic WFAN radio host and lover of midday naps is often poked fun at around these parts for his curmudgeonly nature and love of yelling. But guess what? When the mayor of New York decides running a marathon after the city’s worst natural disaster is a good idea, you want a guy with a curmudgeonly nature and love of yelling manning the airwaves. Because we are OUTRAGED. And your decision was STUPID. And we awr NEW YAWKERS.

The brass tacks, according to Francesa:

“Now you want the street to be littered with half-full water bottles from guys who are running in the marathon who pouring it on their heads and throwing half-used bottles in the street and INJERSEYTHEYDON’THAVEANYWATUH!”

Preach, Mike.

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