Sports Radio Icon Mike Francesa Thinks Tweeting Should Be Against The Law

  • Dan Fogarty

New York City broadcasting legend (and noted fan of stealthy afternoon treats) Mike Francesa is, in many respects, a curmudgeonly uncle to the tri-state area’s drive-time sports audience, and ever since the departure of his onetime running partner and one true love Chris Russo, the saltier aspects of Francesa’s personality have had time to marinate in an endless void of heavy breathing and dead air. (This is what happens when you have no one to talk to but yourself.)

Not to say that watching Mike Francesa get angry about things isn’t enjoyable. Indeed, like some sausage and peppers that have been grilled just long enough at a Suffolk County barbecue, his grouchy act has been charbroiled to perfection. And at no time is that dour soapboxing more fun to listen to than when ol’ Mike talks about emerging technologies.

Via Jimmy Traina, and the magic toaster oven of moving pictures Jimmy Traina has in his Sports Illustrated office, comes this clip of The Diet Coke Kid decrying the evils of Twitter.

In short: it should be outlawred.

This, despite the fact that Mike doesn’t entirely grasp how Twitter works.

But you know what? New York still loves him. He is so deeply ingrained in the area’s sports media landscape, that no matter how cranky his monologues get (or how often he flips out on Jets fans) New York will continue to love him, until WFAN’s producers pry his cold, dead fingers away from the can of soda perennially parked next to his studio’s microphone. He is, after all, part of the family.

UPDATE: @WFANAudio has the full audio here.