Pacers Coach Frank Vogel Once Did A Stupid Human Trick On Late Night With David Letterman

  • Glenn Davis

Indiana Pacers interim head coach Frank Vogel deserves to be made the team’s permanent coach, we think. Indiana was just 17-27 when he took over midway through last season, but he guided the Pacers to a 20-18 finish, and his squad gave the Bulls a tougher time in the first round of the playoffs than anyone expected.

But while Vogel’s been termed “the likely frontrunner” to land the job on a full-time basis, it’s not a given. The Pacers are expected to talk with several other candidates, and former Cavs coach Mike Brown could be chief among them. Whether Vogel gets the job or not, though, he’s got a bright future in the business. He’s young (turns 38 next month), and if worst comes to worst (the ‘relevant portion’ begins at the five-minute mark)…

…no one can ever tell him he can’t spin a basketball on a toothbrush while brushing his teeth with that toothbrush. And consider us impressed…Vogel’s was the best Stupid Human Trick of the three showcased by Letterman that day. Some reporter has to ask him to do the trick for them on camera now, right?

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