Whoops: Front Page Of The Daily Herald Gets Rory McIlroy’s Name Wrong

  • Dan Fogarty

Most media outlets seem to be in a rush to pile heaps of undue praise on Rory McIlroy,and crown him the next Tiger Woods. Not the Daily Herald, which credited someone named “John McIlroy” with winning the US Open on today’s front page.

In the wake of their little gaffe, the Herald has caught plenty of flack for the misprint, especially since they had four days to get the guy’s name right (McIlroy had a stranglehold on the top spot throughout the tournament).

But we here at SportsGrid would like to be the first to congratulate the Herald on this nifty bit of ultra-subtle media criticism. While most writers are overhyping Rory, the Herald, like an Irish Catholic nun chastising a schoolboy for being too proud, made sure to knock him down a peg or two by calling him “John.” Passive-aggression at its finest, really.

If he wins at Augusta, then maybe they’ll get his name right.