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Watch One Of The Most Passive-Aggressive Manager Tirades Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Minor league baseball is the domain of outlandish manager behavior. Sure, big league skippers are known to completely lose it here and there, but only the minors offer meltdowns like this. Recently, Norfolk Tides manager Gary Allenson joined this pantheon with a prolonged rant over a home run non-call during a game against the Durham Bulls…but what was most noteworthy was how much of Allenson’s anger bubbled below the surface.

Sure, he was outwardly mad – he got in the face of multiple umpires over the course of his argument. It should also be noted the call he was arguing was correct – a ball that got caught behind the padding of the outfield wall was correctly ruled a ground-rule double, while Allenson wanted a home run. But managers yell all the time. What they don’t often do is slowly walk all the way to the outfield wall, holding the game up out of spite despite already being ejected, then actually going over the fence to look for a ball that isn’t there. Watch it happen:

You know, Norfolk won the game 11-5, adding several ninth-inning insurance runs following Allenson’s ejection. In other words, Gary Allenson: motivational GENIUS.

[Jimmy Traina]