Gay Skydiving Instructor Fired For Allegedly Groping Woman

  • Dan Fogarty

A skydiving instructor is filing a discrimination suit against his former company after he was fired for allegedly groping a female student.

On June 18th, instructor Donald Zarda jumped out of a plane with the student (identified only as Rosanna) strapped to him. As their free-fall began, he told her, “Don’t worry, I’m gay.”

But the woman claims Zarda touched her inappropriately while they were thousands of feet in the air, and complained to Zarda’s bosses.

To which Zarda says:

“I’m 100 percent gay,” Zarda told The Post.

“So, you’re accusing me — the gay guy — of touching the girl inappropriately?

“The situation is so bizarre.”

Ah, the old “I’m gay,” defense. Wasn’t there a movie (or several dozen) about this?

Anyway, now Zarda’s apparently been blacklisted by the skydiving community, and can’t find another job.

But his employers say this isn’t the first time Zarda’s gotten touchy-feely while hurtling through the sky.

Zabell also claimed there was “more than one single incident” that led to the firing but would not supply details. He also denied that other instructors have made joking sexual comments to students.

Being gay or not really has nothing to do with it. The question is whether or not Zarda made his student uncomfortable, something which has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

I can understand the need for alleviating tension when you’re strapped to someone’s back and are a faulty parachute away from becoming tomato sauce, but grabbing body parts (if that’s indeed what he did) isn’t the right way to go.

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