MMA Fighter/Actress Gina Carano Explains The Similarities Between Fighting And Sex To A Smitten Conan O’Brien

  • Glenn Davis

For a while, Gina Carano was best known as a mixed martial artist who compiled a 7-1 record in the sport. Those days are probably over, because now, she’s becoming a movie star thanks to the new Steven Soderbergh flick Haywire (which isn’t bad, apparently). Combine movie star looks with the general badassery suggested by MMA fighting, and you have someone everyone in America can fall in love with. And during a Carano appearance on Conan last night, Conan O’Brien played that up for all it was worth.

Not that we blame him, of course – Conan loves to act intimidated around beautiful women and/or people who could crush him physically, for comic effect. As Carano is both, Conan was able to appear especially flustered. Thing was, Carano was nervous herself, and said as much. And, well, admitting that was kind of adorable. So adorable you just wanted to go up to her and pinch her cheek…at which point she would RIP YOU TO SHREDS. Oh, and she was feeling talkative enough to explain how fighting and sex are similar, so there’s that. That part of the conversation happens at the 2:10 mark below:

Noted. Oh, and during another part of the interview, Carano talked about her training for the part. It sounded…intense. And a little kidnap-y for comfort. You can see that here, and be satisfied in the knowledge that if the role does indeed propel Carano to stardom, you can say you knew her way back when.