Glenn Beck Discusses/Laughs At Ines Sainz Controversy (Audio)

  • Glenn Davis

We know what you’ve all been thinking: “When will Glenn Beck weigh in on the Ines Sainz/Jets/sexual harassment controversy?” Well, wait no more: he did it today on his radio show, with some help from a friend…and they both seemed to enjoy the Sainz story greatly.

Beck and guest had a tough time containing the giggles as they recounted stories of Sainz saying she felt “embarrassed,” and also said they’d never seen someone wear a shirt that “covered less.” (That strikes us as a bit of an exaggeration, but oh well.)

They also said that the whole affair was “clearly a publicity stunt” on Sainz’ part. If they’re right, there’s nothing anyone can do but tip their cap to Sainz and congratulate her on a job well done, because it worked like gangbusters.

Beck also compared it to the Koran-burning controversy from last week, another “publicity stunt” most news media took and ran with. We can’t disagree here – this has blown up into something much bigger than most could have anticipated.

But mostly, this clip is noteworthy for how amused these guys are by the whole thing. There’s no talk of the potential harassment/inappropriate conduct by the Jets (at least not during this minute or so)…there’s mostly a lot of laughter. Not that this story hasn’t spiraled into total absurdity, but it’s still notable that that’s exactly how they’re treating it – an absurdity. Listen in below.

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