Great: Kris Humphries And Kim Kardashian Might Get Their Own Reality T.V. Show

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Citizens of the world will have limited time to decide if they can handle keeping up with the Kardashians more than they already do … because is reporting that Kim Kardashian and New Jersey Nets beau Kris Humphries are in talks to create a spin-off reality show about their relationship.

… We wish we were joking.

According to “an insider close to the production” (which apparently is the Hollywood term for “source”):

“Kim and Kris have been filming different parts of their lives, including wedding prep, but their show hinges on Kris’s contract negotiations. Currently he’s a free agent, but it all depends on what teams he ends up with and their rules for their players and outside commitments.”

Says another “insider”:

“If he is given time and the okay, he and Kim will do their own show. But if his other obligations force him to not film as much, then they will just put all the stuff they’ve shot toward Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Yes, because with the lockout now in full effect, Kris and his fellow NBA compatriots just have sooooo many obligations.

[h/t The Big Lead]