The U.S. Women’s Soccer Celebration T-Shirts Irked Some People

  • Evan Sporer

The United States women’s soccer gold team’s medal path was paved with controversy. From Hope Solo’s off-color commentary on color commentary to the call that was (or wasn’t), the gold medal journey wasn’t without its fair share of headlines.

Even after beating Japan in the Olympic final, the U.S. women were stirring the pot. Specifically, Canadian soccer writer Jerrad Peters of The Score took offense with shirts that some of the United States players wore on the field shortly after winning the gold:

The shirts, which read “Greatness Has Been Found, United We Stand,” were Nike’s newest creation, special-made for the U.S. team. Whether or not the shirts would have been revealed had the United States lost is unknown, but Nike really doesn’t care – as Off the Bench points out, the shirts can be purchased here for $29.95, so Nike’s good to go.

h/t Off the Bench