A Somber Gus Johnson Talks CBS Departure: “I Need To Decompress”

  • Dan Fogarty

Gus Johnson’s departure from CBS was one of the most talked-about sports media moves in recent memory. Johnson, who built his buzz by being a hyper-enthusiastic catchphrase factory during the NCAA Tournament, left CBS after they failed to match an offer he received from FOX Sports.

Leaving the company he made his name with (as well as being involved in the high-anxiety negotiations that undoubtedly took place over the last few weeks) has clearly taken its toll on Johnson. A tired-sounding Gus told Dan Patrick (who, you may recall, left a high-powered sports media entity himself) that he’s “still processing” his big life change.

And then Dan Patrick talked about how Rick Reilly once called his departure from ESPN “the worst career move ever made.”