PHOTO: Hannah Storm’s Wardrobe Is The Star Of The Heat-Celtics Game So Far

  • Dan Fogarty

Hannah Storm‘s blue dress is undoubtedly the star of a sloppy Celtics-Heat game through one quarter, and is most likely making Tony Kornheiser blush as we speak.

Storm was seen talking to Celtics guard Ray Allen before the game for a segment I’m assuming will be aired later tonight on SportsCenter. Poor Jon Barry is getting the cold shoulder something terrible.

As for the game itself, the Basketball Revolution has not been televised – at least not yet. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh have looked uncomfortable as a unit, and Wade in particular still appears to be making sense of all of the talent surrounding him.

Will Miami get it together, and turn into Voltron before our eyes (undoubtedly killing hundreds of fans at the TD Garden in the process)? Will Boston’s experience as a team trump the greatest collection of video game athletes ever assembled? And more importantly, which ESPN pundit will get themselves into trouble for saying something cheeky about Storm’s wardrobe choice?

[Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat] ESPN Gamecast, photo via Sun Times