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Hello There, And Welcome To The New SportsGrid

  • Dan Fogarty

Hello, attractive and well-informed sports fan. I’m Dan Fogarty, senior editor of SportsGrid. Above me is Craig Sager, wearing a delightfully-colored suit. I’d like to tell you about some pretty big changes to our site, if you don’t mind.

If this is the first time you’ve visited us: welcome. Our goal is to provide news and videos for the media-obsessed sports fan, which is a glorified way of saying you can watch video here of Herm Edwards yelling, or read about the romantic failures of professional athletes, all from the comfort of your office or cubicle. America is the best, right?

For the last few weeks our sensational development team and editorial staff have been working to get our brand new site design up and running. As you can see, it’s up, and it’s running. We think it’s just tops, and we hope you do too.

But first, let’s talk about something else that’s changed about our TV-centric sports blog recently: the sudden and mysterious increase in made-for-internet videos.

Those videos, all of which you can find here, can be attributed to Timothy Burke, our newly hired Video Assignment Editor. We’re excited to have Tim aboard. As excited as these people, in fact.

Tim has cultivated a reputation on Twitter (and the internet in general) for creating superior video content at an insane rate. If something sports related and quirky, jaw-dropping, or shocking happens on TV, Tim makes it exist on the internet before other people. His site, Mocksession*, is a favorite among sports fans, bloggers, and basically anyone who likes seeing sideline reporters get visibly grossed out by fried foods. He can also do cool video editing things like this, and he’s a phenomenal writer with a strong voice. Asking him to join us was a no-brainer.

Since mid-June, Tim has been working for us under the byline “SportsGrid Video.” We didn’t announce him then because we wanted to wait until our new site was ready. On Sunday morning, our new site was ready. Today, we couldn’t be more excited to officially announce that Tim has joined the SportsGrid family.

In terms of the redesign, we’ve made everything cleaner and easier to get. New users will understand what the site’s about a lot faster and returning users will appreciate the big, pretty pictures and widescreen videos on our home page. Our layout is now of the traditional, chronological variety. Story pages have wider margins. When it’s called for, we’ll have breaking news or a longer piece live at the top of the home page. Alternatively, we can turn this feature off when there isn’t any news that’s worthy of top story billing.

The addition of Tim and the redesign are two huge improvements to SportsGrid. The first one means we’ll be putting up even more great content every day. The second means that it will look better when we do so. We hope you enjoy, and we also hope that you make SportsGrid your go-to for all of your ESPN blooping, visiting team party pooping, baseball game boobing needs.

*Don’t worry, Mocksession fans: even though all of his video content will be on SportsGrid from now on, Tim will still be posting gifs to Mocksession and 30fps. Images via where else.