Here’s A Fun Map Of The World Based On Sport Popularity By Region

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Like maps of the world? Like sports? Like seeing which sports are popu ar in which regions? Sure you do, so here you go!

Not surprisingly, the world goes apeshit for soccer, except for those puck-happy Canadians and us Americans. In America specifically, American football reigns supreme, except for those pockets of baseball (Yankees and Red Sox, can’t argue with that) and basketball (is there a sport Los Angelenos care less about than football?).

Not surprising are the pockets of skiing in the Alps, basketball in the Baltic states, cricket in India, baseball in Japan, and table tennis in China.

But what’s the deal with baseball in Mongolia? In related news, “Genghis At The Bat” reads much more entertainingly than Casey ever did.

Editor’s note: As pointed out by some of our readers, Mongolia’s favorite sport is wrestling, not baseball. Our apologies for the yellow discrepancy, but not for putting the image in your head of Genghis Khan playing baseball. We are not sorry for that. Cheers!

[via Reddit]