Delight Yourself With The World’s Most Excited High School Basketball Announcer

  • Glenn Davis

It was a thrilling finish in Chicago playoff high school basketball, Marist completing a furious last minute comeback over Curie with a three in the final seconds, then holding on for the win when Curie’s buzzer-beating attempt missed the mark. But was it this exciting? Warning: very loud announcer…

Well, to that announcer it was… and that’s a good thing. Who couldn’t love such raw, unbridled enthusiasm? Well, the Curie players, probably, but that was outstanding. It’s the most excited we’ve heard a high school announcer since this shot out of Minnesota in late 2010. Can you imagine how crazy this guy would have gone if Marist hit a halfcourt shot at the buzzer to win it? It’s probably for the best – for his own health, for one thing – that we didn’t find out here. And to think – this isn’t even the first Marist announcer freakout this academic year. But it is the best. Well done, crazy person.

[Deadspin by way of Awful Announcing]