High School Cheerleaders’ Hazing Ritual Includes Wearing Diapers, Getting Hit With Hot Dogs

  • Mohammed Rahman

Some cheerleaders at Jackson High School in suburban Seattle have been suspended after having hazed newer members of the squad. The hazing rituals included wearing diapers, getting hit with hot dogs, and getting squirted with water guns.

Several parents of the cheerleaders met with school officials on Thursday, but the suspensions were not overturned. The cheerleaders were suspended for violating the athletic code, which prohibits hazing. This is what the school said in a statement:

When students make poor choices, it is disappointing to us, just as it is disappointing to parents. We hope, as parents do, that each action with appropriate consequences is a positive learning experience.

Sure. The alleged hazing happened at a cheerleader’s house and according to the video embedded below, it only took one outraged parent for the school to hand down suspensions.

I’ll leave the sexual innuendo and the inappropriate comments to the readers. Take it away!