2 Minutes For Roughing: Hockey Player Punches Ref, Enters Hockey Infamy

  • Brad Cohen

There’s seemingly fights every night in hockey, but it’s rare that a player punches a referee in the face. Yet, that’s exactly what happened when San Jose Sharks defenseman Jason Demers accidentally clocked linesman Brian Mach during a fight with Dallas Stars center Steve Ott.

Demers immediately apologized to Mach, and apparently the linesman had no ill will, as Demers only received 2 minutes for roughing. The Sharks actually went on a power play, as Ott received 4 minutes in the box for roughing and charging minors. While it’s still possible the league punishes Demers for the incident, he has already survived the weekend with no disciplinary action.

Only in hockey can a player possibly get away with punching a ref, even if it was an accident. You’ve got to give Mach credit for truly taking this like a man.

Because the real-time clip brings no justice to the impact of the hit, we bring you a slow-motion replay: