Houston Rockets Suspend Royce White, White Takes It To Twitter

  • Joe Levine

Welcome to the latest episode of the NBA’s worst drama, Royce White Collar. In today’s episode, the Houston Rockets suspend White for breach of contract and Royce goes on Twitter and acts a fool. I think this show has run of out of ideas.

The official reason the Rockets have given for White’s suspension is for “refusing to provide services” required by his contract, which is putting it lightly considering White hasn’t been with the team for over a month and a half, has refused to go to practices or games, and most recently refused an assignment to the D-League.

And as has continued to be the case in this ongoing saga, rather than handle the situation privately, or have an official PR representative or even his agent speak on his behalf, Royce White has again taken to Twitter to share his half-baked understanding of the situation and his side of the story with a public becoming increasingly impatient with his actions.

Take a look at his run of tweets this afternoon, all screengrabbed in case he decides to delete anything:

Nothing we haven’t heard already from White, who has made a weird point of repeating himself ad infinitum without offering any sort of resolution beyond “let’s let medical professionals make the decisions,” forgetting that the NBA is a business and not a nonprofit daycare.

While White does have a point and that there does need to be a serious discussion about the handling of the mentally ill in this country, he completely destroys his own integrity in the discussion when you consider that his outspokenness has only taken place after he signed a contract with the Houston Rockets to play basketball.

Where was all of this when he was in college? Before the draft? Oh right, he didn’t speak up then because it would have hurt his draft position and cost him a shot at making millions of dollars. No, he didn’t speak up until he signed a contract with the Rockets, and then only after the Rockets decided he needed more time to develop and wouldn’t get the playing time he’s received at every other level of competition.

In my opinion, if this actually is about rights for the mentally ill, then White would not be sitting back and collecting checks from the Rockets for doing nothing. He would be organizing a campaign to have a serious discussion with the people who can actually make a change, be it on an NBA-specific level with NBAPA and NBA officials, or on a larger scale with the U.S. government.

Instead, White seems content to chill out, watch movies, and tweet #BeWell to his haters, all while collecting a check from the Houston Rockets for doing nothing.

To be clear, I agree in principle with White’s stand and sympathize with his plight. But he could not be going about proving his point in a worse way. And ultimately, I think we are only moving closer to the day when he simply is out of the NBA and out of sight and mind, but not before setting his own movement back decades with his behavior.