Even Spanish Athletes Can’t Believe How Ugly Spain’s Olympic Uniforms Are

  • Eric Goldschein

Whoever designed the Spanish Olympic gear seemed to be going for a cross between nerd chic and ’70s race car driver moonlighting as a porn star. It didn’t work.

Let’s check out what Spain will be wearing this summer. First up is Alex Fabregas, a field hockey player who won a silver medal in Beijing. Roughly translated, his comment reads: “Olympic outfit, there aren’t enough adjectives…”:

Then there’s Saul Craviotto, a gold medal winning canoeist who, if possible, looks even more ridiculous. He said “At home trying on the Olympic clothes. Best I don’t comment, I will leave it up to you…”:

The fact that both of those tweets end with ellipses should tell you that these guys, while keeping their sense of humor, are less than pleased with their outfits. But there’s a reason that these look so, well, cheap:

The Russian firm Bosco, who also designed the Russian and Ukrainian kits, have provided the outfits free of charge in a deal with the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE).

In a separate interview with ABC Punto Radio, [COE president Alejandro] Blanco said, “When you measure the difference between paying one and a half million of public money and free clothes, there is no discussion.”

Can’t argue with that logic. Free, kitschy-looking clothes are better than none. Just ask anybody’s grandma. And Spain should take comfort that they aren’t the only country embroiled in uniform controversy.