Hugh Douglas Got Drunk And (Sort Of) Pulled A Riley Cooper, Dropping An N-Bomb On ESPN’s Michael Smith

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Hugh Douglas Michael SmithHugh Douglas used to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now he plays for ESPN.

According to The Big Lead, Douglas sort of pulled a Riley Cooper on Friday night, getting drunk and dropping an N-bomb, among other things. Of course, he’s black, and said it to another black man, but he was clearly being derogatory.

Hugh Douglas was inebriated and threatened to beat up his colleague Michael Smith three times Friday night, a source who witnessed the altercation at the House of Blues in Orlando tells The Big Lead. According to the source, Douglas, who appears on Numbers Never Lie on ESPN with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, was trying to get on stage where the DJ was playing, and threatened to beat up Smith if he couldn’t help out. After the third threat, Smith tried to walk away, at which point Douglas grabbed Smith’s wrist and hurled two racial epithets at him, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and a “House N—-.” Smith, the witness says, turned around to protect himself, at which point onlookers rushed in to break it up.

Well, that wasn’t nice. Unsurprisingly, he was suspended by ESPN, on the show, “Numbers Never Lie.” You know what else doesn’t lie? Drunk racial slurs.