I Don’t Know How To Feel About Tim Tebow In A Columbia Fireflies Uniform

  • Rick Chandler

Of course I’ll never forgive the Savannah Sand Gnats for pulling up stakes in 2015 and moving to Columbia, S.C., where they became the Columbia Fireflies. Such a waste of an awesome baseball nickname, only to adopt a cheesy one.

But then if you want a franchise to stick around, you have to put butts in seats. And that’s what the Mets are trying to do with their Low Single-A team in Columbia, assigning Tim Tebow there to boost attendance/interest/jersey sales.

It certainly can’t be for his playing ability. Tebow has some power but can’t make consistent contact, and he’s reportedly pretty below average in the field. Moreover he’s 29 years old (30 in August), competing in a South Atlantic League where the average age is 22. How awkward is that?

I’ve never bought into the criticism that Tebow is taking a roster spot from a younger, more deserving player — this is low Single-A, after all, so let’s not get too dramatic. But if he proves to be a big draw and they move him up just to sell tickets at bigger stadiums, then that would be very poor form.

Anyhow, Opening Day is approaching and Columbia has Tebow front and center on its web site:

Former Heisman Trophy winner and two-time BCS National Champion Tim Tebow will start his professional baseball career with the Fireflies. Columbia opens its season on Thursday, April 6 at Spirit Communications Park.

Judging from Twitter comments, many fans will buy tickets just to see Tebow … and some for religious reasons. IMO that’s nuts, but who made me Baseball Czar? Spend your afternoon the way you want, I guess.

Or preferably, go see a night game. I hear that the Fireflies uniforms glow in the dark. (This is true). This makes Tebow the only Heisman winner with fluorescent lighting.