Yesterday, I Interviewed Michelle Beadle. Yes, I Asked Her About Her ESPYs Dress.

  • Dan Fogarty

Michelle Beadle doesn’t necessarily want to be known as a “hot girl.” In an era where some female sports personalities double as sex symbols, Beadle would rather you think of her as the quirky, funny co-host of SportsNation with Colin Cowherd.

That may be easier said than done. On July 14th, Beadle tweeted out photos of the dress she planned on wearing to that night’s ESPY awards, and what followed was a case study in “how to blow up on the internet.”

One picture and a ton of Google search results later, Michelle Beadle is still a quirky, funny ESPN host. Just one who also happens to be hot.

I spoke to Beadle yesterday. She was fresh off a week of doing SportsNation, filling in for Mike Golic on ESPN Radio, and losing to the Jonas Brothers in a softball game (“They didn’t smile. Not once.”), but still agreed to talk to our rinky-dink operation. Yes, I asked her about the ESPYs dress.

When you co-hosted Mike and Mike in the Morning, you alluded to being a bit of a tomboy growing up. How has that contributed to your on-air personality now?

Oh gosh. I was never raised or treated like a girly-girl, even though I grew up around girls who wouldn’t leave the house without the right dress. I think that allows me to not take myself too seriously.

I think that this business can make you feel like you’re constantly “on”, but I feel like I don’t have to do things to be sexy all the time. So I guess that goes back to my childhood: I was taught being the smart girl was cooler than being the hot girl.

We did a post on SportsGrid about your ESPYs dress, and it got a lot of attention. It’s actually one of our most popular posts ever. What’s your reaction to the buzz generated by your dress?

We, being all of us at SportsNation, got a kick out of it, because that’s not what I’m known for. I’m not usually on those lists of “hot female sports hosts,” but it was kind of nice to get that response. It was very flattering.

Also, I love that dress, and I ran my ass off for three weeks before the ESPYs to make sure I didn’t look like a cow when I wore it. It was sort of flattering and sort of funny all at once.

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