Charles Barkley Gives Miami Heat Fans The Finger, And They Love Him For It

  • Mohammed Rahman

Right before the TNT postgame show following the Miami Heat‘s game 3 win over the Chicago Bulls, Charles Barkley was serenaded by some Heat fans who were not happy about his prediction that their team would lose this series. Here’s how he responded to chants of “Barkley sucks.”

Later, during the show itself, he got hit with a towel thrown from the crowd. When he got hit, he threatened to “come over there.” It didn’t sound like he was serious, but it made for great television (although I’m sure it also caused David Stern‘s heart rate to jump a little).

Kudos to Kenny Smith for volunteering to have Barkely’s back in case, you know, he actually did want to fight a hundred people. After Barkley said, “There’s going to be hell to pay,” Smith said, “I’m coming with you Chuck… We going down as a team.” So, memo to rowdy NBA supporters: if you want to get to Barkley, you’ll have to fight the Jet as well.

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