Indiana Student Spectacularly Bad At ‘Wheel Of Fortune’: Um, Go Hoosiers?

  • Rick Chandler

First of all, let’s hold off on judging Mr. Julian here. Yes, his stint on Wheel of Fortune was amazingly awful. Yes, when shown the letters ‘WORLD’S FASTEST _A_’, after being told the clue was “a person”, the next letter he requested was a ‘C’. Yes, he seems not to be embarrassed by any of this.

And the puzzle above, unfortunately, will probably live forever in infamy. Details in the video below, but suffice it to say that Julian had no idea who ‘Achilles’ was, and so mispronounced it as “atch-ill-us’, thus losing a chance at a million dollars even though he had all the letters. On his “World’s Fastest Man” flub, he lost a car and a trip to London.

But it’s easy to get flustered on TV. Those lights are hot, there’s pressure, and some people just don’t rise to the occasion under those stressful conditions. You can’t judge a person’s intelligence from one bad day on TV. Can you?

So it is with sadness that we officially enter this into the HALL OF TV FAIL, alongside Miss Teen South Carolina. Such as.